With Woobie Tribe you can choose a blanket from one of our designs, custom patterns, or use your own designs! From corporate gifting, bridal party/groomsmen gifts or just for fun, we're here to help you bring your Woobie dream to life! Let us know about your tribe and we'll provide a blanket you'll love! Fill out the form below with your personal/company's information. In the 'Comments' section, please explain your ideas for your custom blanket. You will hear back from us shortly. 


**We no longer do custom orders less than 10 woobies per design. The starting price for the minimum order quantity of 10 Tribe woobies is $100 each plus any fees associated with graphics creation. Prices do decrease with quantity. These woobies are batch produced about 4 times a year with an 8 week lead time. Plan early!**

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