How We're Made

Woobies are made from the hate, blood, and tears of communists, violent extremists, dictators, and other anti-American sh!t-bags that practically guarantee a need for barrel-chested freedom fighters known as the American Soldier. Ask any red blooded American willing to pull triggers for their country and I will show you a Woobie in their preferred kit.

Putting all the ‘Merica aside for a moment, the Woobie just makes sense. Take silky soft but durable light weight ripstop material (think fancy pillow case material), throw a little polyester batting insulation in the middle, quilt the iconic wave pattern, and bind the edges. That’s the magic. But how are hate, blood, and tears incorporated, you ask? That’s proprietary. If I told you, then I would have to kill you.

Woobie USA has 3 product lines: Woobie Classic, Woobie Custom, and Woobie X (eXpedition)

Woobie Classic: This is where it all started for Woobie USA. The idea was to put aesthetically significant and nostalgic images on Woobies…combining comfort, art, and utility in a single proven product. The idea is that this will appeal to your Tribe, or just you, and you can get usage out of it. Additionally, we are big fans of being outside, whether watching Ranger TV with your bros and bourbons (or White Claws) or going on a through hike…we want a unique Woobie in your kit that matches your unique adventures. These Woobies are Assembled in America. What does that mean exactly? It means the top layer is made by sublimation printing images on imported ripstop polyester fabric in North Carolina, then quilted to the ripstop nylon bottom layer, with polyester batting in the middle, then binded with nylon fabric…all in North Carolina. All Woobies are produced using a process called roll-to-roll quilting. Due to standard fabric roll dimensions, this means we make 60 Woobies per roll, allowing is to make small batches and move fast with the market.

Woobie Custom: This is what really separates Woobie USA from the competition. We do small batch custom Woobies. We work with individuals, corporations, non-profits, and military units putting their images and art on a new type of canvas, the Woobie. Generally speaking, our minimum order quantity is 10 Woobies but the wholesale pricing is much better at 60+ Woobies. We use the exact same process to manufacture your custom Woobie as we do with the Woobie Classic.

Woobie X: The Woobie is awesome. No question. But, how can we make it more awesome? We want to provide options that fit the eXpeditionary lifestyle. Whether that means you are a road warrior, practically live in airports, or routinely find yourself in the bush trying not to get shot in the neck, we want to offer a Made in America product for you. Our Woobie Active is a 100% Made in America product that has an additional pocket built in. You really should have one of these in your truck, car, airplane, boat, overland vehicle, motorcycle kit, etc. Finally, we are designing the ultimate recce blanket. Leveraging what we know about the Woobie and combining it with new, leading edge industry fabric. We are building what will be the warmest and most versatile light weight blanket on the market and it will be 100% Made in America. Coming soon.